Knowledge Graph Browser is a tool for visual exploration of knowledge graphs.

You can start exploring knowledge graphs using our demo.

This website is an accompanying website for the paper titled “Interactive and iterative visual exploration of knowledge graphs based on shareable and reusable visual configurations” which is currently under review.

We prepared various knowledge graph visualisations if you want to see something quickly. They are not just images. They are interactive graph visualisations you can use as a starting point for your own exploration.

You can start with famous personalities:

You can also try to explore MEPs (members of parliaments):

The basic principle of the browser is to enable users to discover different knowledge graphs through different views defined by various browsing configurations. Real knowledge graphs are often too complex for human users and generic tools for knowledge graph visualisation and visual exploration are therefore quite hard to use. The basic idea behind the Knowledge Graph Browser is to enable knowledge graph experts to configure a set of simpler views on knowledge graph nodes which can be then used by non-experts for browsing a knowledge graph from given points of view defined by the experts. Anyone is free to create own configuration, publish it as Linked Open Data and let users to enjoy knowledge graph exploration.

If you are interested in the raw visual configurations demonstrated in the paper, you can browse them using the links below: